Monday, April 13, 2009

Lesson 5: Social Bookmarking & Tagging

This time out we'll be exploring social bookmarking. For the most part we'll be looking at delicious, but there are optional activities included for exploring other social bookmarking sites.

What's social bookmarking?

  • A way to organize websites, and share them with others
  • Bookmarking for folks who use more than one computer across their day
  • A new way to classify information, by tapping into the hive mind
  • A valuable resource for collecting, organizing, and eventually embedding selected resources
Need more information? Check out these materials:

When you're ready to dive in, try these activities

  1. If you do not already have one, please sign up for an account on (registration page).
  2. Find five websites (they don't have to be blogs!) you think your fellow participants ought to know about. Bookmark them in and tag them "ilw2" (you might want to play with multiple tags too). When you're done, check out what else has the 2.0things tag. Did anyone else find the same sites you did? (Feel free to keep bookmarking and tagging sites for the remainder of the course! It'll be a great resource for everyone afterwards.
  3. Over the remaining weeks of Web 2.0 Things, bookmark and tag at least five webpages in delicious (or the social-bookmarking utility of your choice) for yourself. For the page that has the most other people bookmarking it, find out who else bookmarked it and how they tagged it. Feel free to follow tags to see what else has been bookmarked under them! Write a blog post on your impressions of social bookmarking and how you think it could be used in libraries.
  4. Explore the site options and try clicking on a bookmark that has also been bookmarked by a lot of other users. Can you see the comments they added about this bookmark or the tags they used to categorize this reference?
  5. Create a blog post about your experience and thoughts about this tool. Can you see the potential of this tool for your work? Or just as an easy way to create bookmarks that can be accessed from anywhere? How can libraries take advantage of social bookmarking sites?
  6. (optional) Want to play with some other social bookmarking sites? Enter the same search term (eg. "Library 2.0") in the searchbox at the following sites. Compare the results and blog about it. (don't forget to tag it and share it!)

  • - popular social bookmarking site. User tagged (search without quote marks).
  • Connotea - "Free online reference management for all researchers, clinicians and scientists". User tagged
  • CiteULike - "a free online source to organise your academic papers". User tagged.
  • (there's more -- play with ones from this list)

Still want more? Compare your searches above to using Google or Google Scholar

Can't get enough? You can compare book finding with tags: search for books on a topic using LCSH in Voyager and tags in LibraryThing

There's lots you can do with RSS feeds and tagged lists, feel free to play with those options, and keep your eyes on this blog for a post later in the week showing off some examples of library implementations of RSS feeds of delicious tags.

We'd love it if you write a blog post about what you find, and leave a comment here telling us where to find it. You can also leave your reflections here, as comments.

Want to know more about social bookmarking? Check out some of these resources from 5 Weeks to a Social Library

Essential Readings

Supplemental Readings

Questions? Comments? Leave them here, or contact Rudy or Helen


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