Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lesson 1: Blogs & Blogging

This lesson will give you an introduction to blogs, as well as walk you through setting up a blog on blogger. Take a look at the Blogs and Blogging Video Tutorial (about 20 minutes long). After you've set up your first blog, please take a moment to come back to this post and leave a comment with the title and URL for your blog.


kittent said...

Great beginning to the Library Web 2.0 Things.

I have 1 blog on blogger http://www.kittent.com. (It was called http://journeyofakitten.blogspot.com until I bought my domain name from Google ($10 per year).

My library blog is called Circulating Zen and it is at http://kittent.wordpress.com.

The thing I like about reading library blogs is that it provides a means of talking about library issues and sharing experiences with other library staff. However, since the internet is a firehose, the amount of information that is presented for assimilation is enormous.

Anonymous said...

As a GSLIS student, I really like professional librarian blogs, as it gives me a better sense of the mood in the "trenches" and it lets me see the theories and ideas from class being discussed in "real life".
Cheers, Paul

Jason Hamilton said...

I blawg here about all things tech-related that I run into in the course of a day using WordPress. In October, I bought my own web-hosting, domain, and migrated from Wordpress.com
Title: 404 Tech Support
URL: http://www.404techsupport.com

Looking forward to incorporating some of these other Web 2.0 components into my blog.

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Anonymous said...

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